* Note all of the stallions that are listed below could be gelded They are decent stallions and would make wonderful geldings. All have decent social skills even as stallions. Some of these horses are being considered on the TFC performance string and could be removed from the sales list should they show the type of brilliance I need in my performance horses as they progress in their training. Also these videos were taken in Mid July 2015, all of these horses have progressed in their training since. These videos will give you a very good look into their broad foundations as they have been asked to accept and deal with a ton of different situations. These boys are the kind of horses that folks can build a very diverse partnership with that they can tackle anything they would like from liberty to any discipline. All of these horses hobble, tie, trailer load, pony with other horses or ATV, tackle obstacles, groom with blowers, wash with powerwasher, trim with electric grinders... 



Easy: 2007 15:2hh Gelding. Ljibbe/Nicky Cross (Friesian/Arab).  This solid big boned gelding has the best traits of both breeds. He moves like a Friesian but is more energetic and quickly interactive like an Arab. He has been used as a performance horse with a big repertoire of skills as well as trail riding including swimming. He bows to mount, kneels, downs, great sit, climbs objects, Spanish Walk, Pesade,  Piaffe, and decent start on Capriole. Walk/trot/canter with some CD and Cowboy Dressage with some of his reining skills. He's also developing great liberty skills and occasionally gets ridden by So-She (my dog) or rides without tack. He has tons of attitude and personality to play with. Again he is better suited for a moderate-advanced leader with some confidence who wants a partner and who loves to try anything and everything. $25K


Tajo: September 2011 15:1hh and growing. Rare Carthusian Bay (with copper highlights) Andalusian gelding . This handsome boy is BIG bodied, lots of bone, good mover with excellent temperament and a bit of chrome with copper highlights in his coat. He has been started, quite bold with very little scaring him when he understands. He is fun to play with and will be prepared as a Cowboy Dressage and or CD horse. Developing some liberty skills. I am evaluating him for my own performance horse. Will suit most riders with his disposition and has participated in several clinics. $13,000 at this time.


Amoroso: March 2008 Black/Brown 15:1hh Rare Carthusian stallion. Good looking balanced compact Vaquero/Cowboy Dressage type with quickness and an affinity for humans. This boy has caught everyone's eye when they see his ( sweet, vulnerable). Green learning his ABCs. Will consider serious offers. He too is being evaluated for  fit in the TFC performance string.

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